People ate pigeons, cranes, teal, geese, and duck. Teal is a freshwater duck that is found in America, Europe, and Asia. They also ate bread, beans, onions, and green vegetables. The Egyptians enjoyed beef the most. They did not eat that much beef because it was very expensive, because cattle needed fields of grass to eat, and that took up precious land. People ate lots of fish because they were cheap. They also ate fruit. They also bought their food at the local market.


Wealthy Egyptians got their servants to cook the food and serve the meals. The poor would cook the meals themselves. They usually cooked meals at the back of the house in the outdoors. They did that to keep smoke and odors out. Other poor people who had only one small room cooked over a fire made in a hole in the floor of the room.


Some of the kitchen equipment included a storage bowl, fruit basket ,drinking cups ,and a wine jar . The jarís pointed base was put in a stand.


Wealthy Egyptians had servants to serve meals . At large meals hosts and important guests sat on low chairs. Others used cushions or mats. Servants brought in courses one by one and put them on small tables beside diners , dishes of meat and more. People ate with their fingers and rinsed their hands in water between courses.  


In Egypt you needed to know how to slaughter an animal. Butchers in the town would do this for you. Animalís legs were roped together then pulled to the side then it is pulled onto the its side to be killed.


They made flour by grinding grain to a powder, by pushing it back and forth between two stones. The grinding was easier if you added a little grit to it. Grit is a small, rough granule, as of sand or stone. Then they mixed the flour with some water to form the dough. Then they added some honey to the mixture if they wanted to make sweet bread. Then they shaped the dough into loaves. Then they baked them. The loaves were baked in an oven if they had one. If not , they would cook the dough in pots stacked over a fire.


First they crumbled a half cooked barley bread into a vat. A vat is a large container used for liquids. Then they added sweetened water with some dates. Then it would soon ferment. Ferment means a chemical change takes place that makes the sugar in it turn into alcohol. They expected the liquid to be very lumpy. Then they strained it into jars. Then they sealed the tops of the jars firmly with clay. They stored the jars in a cool place. The beer would be thick so they needed to strain it again. Some of the Egyptians drank straight from the jar through a drinking tube.


Grapes were put in a big long narrow container for holding food. Then the Egyptians would get into the long narrow container and they would step on the grapes so the juice would come out. Then the juice was poured into some jars to ferment. To ferment means that the grapes went through a chemical change.


Egypt as you probably know is a desert which means there is very little grass. Because of that there was no food for the cows. Since there were very few cows the beef was very expensive in Egypt. The Egyptianís favorite food was beef but they didnít eat it a lot because of itís price. The Egyptians drank a lot of wine, and ate figs. The grapes you use to make wine needed a hot and dry climate. So do the figs they ate. So they were both grown in Egypt because of itís temperature. The birds in Egypt were forced to eat a lot to make them fat. This meant that there would be more meat for the Egyptians to eat. The Egyptians also lived by a river called the Nile River. That helped them a lot because they could catch the fish, one of the main things they ate. The Egyptians also used the water from the Nile River to grow their crops.