Recreation In Japan


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Sports and Martial Arts
  3. Favorite Pastimes
  4. Places
  5. Biggest Festival
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography



I chose to do my report on recreation in Japan because I want to know what they do in their leisure time.I will tell you about sports writing and outdoor activities.I will also show you sketches and pictures.I will tell you about the Martial Arts. After working at school,factories, offices and farms the Japanese people look forward to their leisure time.

Sports and Martial Arts

Sumo wrestling is a very popular.Two wrestlers struggle on a platform covered with clay.One of the men has to get the other man out of the ring.The ring is marked with a rope.The person can also win by making the other person touch the ground with any other part of his body,except the feet.

Martial Arts are a tradtional sport. The Japanese practice kendo which is a form of fencing. Bamboo or wooden sticks are used for swords.

Judo is a sport where a person uses leverage,balance and timing to pin or throw an opponent.The Japanese word Judo means the gentle way.Judo ranks as a major sport in Europe, Japan and U.S.

Karate is a form of unharmed combat in which a person kicks or strikes with their feet,knees, hands or elbows.There are 4 major types karate-Chinese,Korean Owinawan and last but not least Japanese.Their favorite spectator sports are baseball and Japanese sumo wrestling.They also like bowling ,golf,ice skating,skiing, table tennis,volleyball and tennis.Many people play a pinball called pachinko.Tokyo has many pachinko parlors.Japan has 2 professinol base ball teams.Japanese athletes achieve gold medals all over the world.Kids play team sports such as soccer during P.E.The Japanese have fun with the same energy and enthusiam they do every thing else.

Favorite Pastimes

Calligraphy and chanting and dancing are favorite pastimes in Japan.Some people play traditonal or western musical insturments.Japan has clubs for writing haiku and tanka, two forms of poetry.Members gather to make poems and to judge others work.


The Japanese like to travel around their country.Japan has lots of inns,hot springs resorts and other lodging places. Concerts,plays and motion pictures attract big audiences.

Coffee houses and tearooms are popular places for people to meet .Some people enjoy dining in restaurants. At many older Japanese restaurants,young women called geisha amuse customers.The geisha women have been trained from childhood in the arts of conversation,dance and music.

Biggest Festival

The japanese have many festivals.the most popular celeabration is new year's day festival, which begins on jan.1.on this day the japanese dress in their fanciest most colourful kimonos.people visit their relatives and friends and give each other gifts.parades,dances and sporting events are held throughout the 4 home the japanese have feasts and play games.even though the festival ends on jan.3 some people celebrate until the middle of the month.


I learned that the Japanese do other things besides sports for recreation.I didn't know there was such thing as Sumo Wrestling.I learned about Geishia women and how they were trained.I never knew ther're are so many inns. I didn't know what calligraphy was.


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